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Sporting Bruxells Official Website

Sporting Bruxells


We developed and designed official website of a French football club Sporting Bruxelles. As the website belongs to sports niche, we made sure that UI/UX is modern, smooth and interactive and sits very well with the niche. Website contains club information pages, players profile pages, blog and news area. It also provides account creation and management of the club members or players. We also provided a feature rich admin portal for the admins or owners of the club that lets them do the website content management. Website is completely designed in French language.

Sporting Bruxells

The Results

Sporting Bruxelles owners were having pretty bad experience before they found us. Sporting Bruxelles designed by our team was really liked and praised by owners and they seemed pretty happy with the results. We are looking forward to future ventures with them.

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Verbal Autopsy Web Application

Verbal Autopsy


We developed verbal autopsy application in collaboration with District Health Department. Application has been designed to use Machine Learning to find out the cause of the death. Application asks for certain questions about death of the deceased one and predicts the cause of death based on inputs. It handles single as well bulk cases and can do single or bulk predictions on a single click.

Verbal Autopsy

The Results

Project has changed the manual process of cause of death analysis at health department in a fully digitized, accurate and efficient automated process. Project is being highly appreciated by health department staff, works and district area doctors as well.

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Job8pp Web application



In an era where talent acquisition is a crucial determinant of business success, ZTABS digital solutions, in collaboration with a Singaporean partner, developed Job8pp – a state-of-the-art recruitment platform. This custom-coded solution inverts the traditional job search paradigm by proactively bringing employers and potential employees together through advanced machine learning algorithms.


The key challenge for ZTABS was to create a platform that:

Innovates Job Matching: Moving beyond conventional job search methods to a more proactive, machine-learning-powered matching system.

Satisfies Both Parties: Designing an intuitive platform where both employers and talent can easily set preferences and receive suitable matches.

Facilitates Hiring: Enabling a seamless end-to-end recruitment process within the application, from the initial offer to finalizing the hire.

ZTABS' Approach

To meet these challenges, ZTABS implemented:
User-Driven Design: A user interface that simplifies the process of entering preferences and receiving matches for both job seekers and employers.

Machine Learning Integration: Developing sophisticated algorithms capable of learning from user data to improve match accuracy over time.

End-to-End Functionality: Crafting features that support the recruitment process, including offer sending, interview scheduling, and hiring.


The development of Job8pp focused on a strategic rollout:

Pilot Testing: Deploying the platform in a controlled environment for real-world testing and refinement.

Iterative Feedback Loop: Incorporating feedback from initial testing to enhance platform functionality and user experience.

Quality Assurance: Ensuring robust performance and reliability through comprehensive testing protocols.


The initial introduction of Job8pp to the client has been met with optimism:

Client Testing: The platform is currently undergoing rigorous testing by the client to ensure readiness for market release.

Market Anticipation: There is substantial anticipation for the Job8pp platform in the Singapore market, with expectations of a positive reception.

Pre-Launch Adjustments: ZTABS and its partners are making final adjustments to ensure the platform meets the exact needs of its future users.

The Road Ahead

With Job8pp's launch on the horizon, ZTABS is focusing on:

Refining Algorithms: Continuously improving the machine learning components for even more accurate talent-to-employer matching.

Scaling Strategy: Preparing for a successful rollout and scaling the platform to handle an increasing number of users.

Post-Launch Support: Ensuring ongoing support and development to maintain the platform's edge in the competitive recruitment industry.


Job8pp stands as a prime example of ZTABS digital solutions' commitment to innovative, custom software development. The recruitment platform's upcoming launch is highly anticipated, and its novel approach to job matching is expected to make a significant impact in the Singaporean job market and potentially beyond.

For further updates and details on Job8pp, stay tuned for its official release in the Singapore market.

E-monitoring Web Application for DC Abbottabad

E-Monitoring System


District Administration asked us to help them to build their Complain Management System which will we deployed on each service point in the district to quickly resolve the complains and process applications. In this application each service point had separate access level and a different view to the data and an integrated view was given to the DCO for monitoring the situation . In this project we got to see the working of the government body very closely and we designed our application to make these processes efficient now our system is being used by District . While developing the system, ease of use and beautiful UI were our top most priorities as the system is also going to be used by general public. We made sure that system is beautiful, interactive yet easy enough to be used by audience without any training or help.

E-Monitoring System

The Results

This project is being appreciated alot by the district government and its being used only in one district as a pilot project. Soon we are looking forward to expand it to other districts as well.

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