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6 Things to Consider When Creating An eCommerce Website

6 things to consider when building an eCommerce website

Creating an effective e-commerce website is not as simple as it seems.

In any project, there are a large number of aspects to think about, from consumer experience to functionality. Development of any business site is a large scale, complicated procedure, however an eCommerce website presents its own particular challenges.

Since users will  be visiting the website to find out about and buy goods, programmers and owners will need to do whatever they can to make this procedure simple and intuitive.

But alongside the factors of usability, here are a few other aspects of an e-Commerce website that programmers will want to Be Certain to consider throughout the development procedure:


Today more and more internet users are using their mobile devices to do online purchases. Statistics for eCommerce for 2018 showed that about 67% of the sales were made through mobile devices. So its rapidly moving from eCommerce to mobile commerce. This is means its more than important and a survival issue to make sure your eCommerce website is device and have a great experience on each and every available device like Ipads and mobile phones along with personal computers.

Disregard of the platform you are using, you have make sure your website provide great experience to mobile users from landing to search a product and then finally doing a complete checkout.

This growing market cannot be ignored and while designing and developing an eCommerce website, device responsiveness should be your utmost priority. You are never going to compromise on Responsive Design for your eCommerce Website.


Businesses with eCommerce websites will frequently wish to require consumers to make an account so as to create a purchase, because this permits for follow-up communicating that promotes future earnings, in addition to tracking clients’ demographic info to examine earnings. But it is important to know that not everyone wishes to experience the process of creating an account just to be able to purchase an item. Repeat clients might want to enroll and find the advantages of having an account, like saving their choices for prospective purchases and getting notifications about upcoming products, but it is nonetheless a fantastic idea to supply an alternative for those that only wish to do a one-time purchase.

Pro tip: As you will still need to attempt and encourage users to make an account, you may attempt to design the purchase process to permit users to finish a guest checkout, and upon completion, let them make an account with all the data that they simply entered.


A study revealed that about 30% of the users landing at a website use search functionality of the site to search for products, compare and then finally make a purchase, so it is really important of an eCommerce website to have an easy to site search functionality. Users are definitely going to use this to search for products on your website. Using an autocomplete box and suggesting users text is really great thing to do. It will make search really easy for users.

Another thing to do is provide search through filters features to users. Using this feature, user can easily filter out the products they are looking for based on size, priced, department and manufacturer etc. More you make it easy for users to search their desired product on your site, more likely you are to get that user buy from you.

Pro tip: Make sure you keep and write product information in fully organized manner. It will allow search feature to return best results.


Each and every eCommerce website out their must ensure that they are using SSL. SSL certificate is something that will ensure data of the users going to the internet is encrypted and safe and its not going to be hacked and used by the bad guys out there.

Browsers these days will clearly notify users if you don’t have SSL that using this site to enter credit card and other sensitive is dangerous and you are definitely going to loose customers visiting your website.

Customers always want to be ensured that each and everything information they entered on the website including their emails and addressed is secured and in safe hands. You have to make users feel comfortable in giving you their credit card info to make them buy from you.

Pro tip: It might seem favorite to you to keep your customers credit card info saved to make sales process easier for users but this is very risky. You have to be PCI Complaint for this and that is a pretty complex process. Along with that, you have to keep the burden of ensuring no one hacks the database on your shoulders. There are many vendors out there that will take this burden away from you like Stripe, Paypal etc. Use their integrations on your site to charge customers cards and you will be on the safe end.


If your website is slow, you are very likely to lose clients. Statistics reveal that 40 percent of consumers will abandon a web site that takes over 3 seconds to load. This is particularly true for mobile users, that are frequently multi-tasking as they get sites and therefore are more inclined to proceed to something else in case a website is too slow.

To be able to prevent from losing clients because of slow loading times, you will need to be certain that your website is optimized to operate as rapidly as possible. Listed below are a Couple of ways to help Your Website run more smoothly:

  • Combining a website’s JavaScript or CSS source files into individual files will accelerate their interaction with the website, because users may simply download one JavaScript document or style sheet instead of ten or five.
  •  Compress pictures, that will let them supply the best visuals in the lowest possible dimensions, reducing download times.

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eCommerce statistics for 2018 revealed that 4 out of each 10 sales are made through an online search. You have to make sure that you loose the potential of getting customers and sales through online searches as well. Along with ensuring you are visible to all the prominent search engines, you have to use Search Engine Optimization to make sure that you rank well for different keywords and you are likely to found by customer earlier than others when are making online searches.

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Maintaining these elements of an eCommerce website in your mind during development can allow you to be certain you’re providing the best experience for the clients, however there are a lot more elements to look at when creating your website. You will want to be certain that you are looking for Search Engine Optimization (search engine optimization) and maintaining your product information organized, in addition to considering the best way to target your products to various users. Do you want help after getting some idea about how to start creating your eCommerce website?

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