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60 Second Copy Generator


60 second copy generator is a web application designed and developed by us that generates emails, social posts and sales pages in just 60 seconds that is exactly why its called 60 second copy generator. You can use this app even if you are not good at words and have no experience in copyrighting.

60 Second Copy Generator60 Second Copy UX

Beautiful UX/UI

For a product that is to be used by users and marketer for almost every domain, it was imperative for this to be a beautiful looking product. At the same time however, we wanted to ensure that it is intuitive and easy enough to use for its audience, who are not too technically savvy.We went with a soft and warm feel that is both welcoming and friendly, while making sure that the functionality was front & center.

Copy Creation

60 Seconds Generator generates different sort of copies and all of them are listed in the left navigation menu. Users can select any type from the menu and can answer different questions asked in form of a questionnaire. This should not take more than a minute. Once they are done with answering all questions, they have to submit the questionnaire and they have all their copies generated. They can copy the content in a single click and blast other with their email or sales copy or through an amazing social media post.

60 second copy generation60 Second Copy Bonus

Bonus Courses and Videos

We have also custom code an area in the application where bonus courses and videos are available for the application users and they are updated time to time. Videos are embedded right inside the application and users can watch them staying inside the application. This is to make users time at the application more and more productive.

The Results

60 second copy generator stormed the internet when it was launch. Technical team of ZTABS providing technical support stayed busy till late night helping early adapters with technical issues they were having with the app mostly because of human error. This app is being love and praised by its audience a lot and we are already planning for new features in 60 Second Copy Generator.

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