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arighi bianchi case study

Client Overview

Arighi Bianchi, a renowned furniture store based in the UK, has established a legacy of quality and style in its offerings. To extend its reach and cater to the modern consumer, Arighi Bianchi sought to develop an online store that mirrors the sophistication and quality of its physical storefront.


The primary challenge lay in creating a high-performing online store that could handle a vast inventory without compromising on speed and user experience. It was critical for the store to embody a modern, clean design that aligned with the luxury brand image of Arighi Bianchi. Additionally, the project demanded meticulous product importation and extensive customization to meet the specific needs of the brand.


ZTABS Digital Solutions undertook the challenge by choosing Shopify as the platform to build a robust, scalable online store. The process involved:

Performance Optimization: Ensuring the online store could manage high traffic volumes and large transactions without any lag.

Modern Design Implementation: Crafting a clean and contemporary design that reflects Arighi Bianchi's brand ethos.

Complex Product Import: Successfully importing a vast array of products, each with unique specifications, without data loss or inconsistency.

Customization: Implementing numerous custom features to enhance user experience and cater to the specific needs of Arighi Bianchi's clientele.


The Shopify store for Arighi Bianchi was launched to substantial acclaim. It was received with enthusiasm by customers for its:

Seamless Performance: The store operates smoothly, providing quick load times and a hassle-free shopping experience even with a large inventory.

Aesthetic Appeal: The modern and clean design has been widely appreciated, ensuring that customers enjoy the luxury shopping experience online.

Sales Growth: Since its launch, the online store has seen a significant increase in sales, confirming the successful transition to digital for the legacy brand.

Customer Satisfaction: The user-friendly interface and custom features have led to positive customer feedback and repeat business.


The development of Arighi Bianchi's online store by ZTABS Digital Solutions represents a strategic blend of brand aesthetic and modern e-commerce functionality. This case study exemplifies how thoughtful design, technical expertise, and a customer-centric approach can result in a thriving online presence for a historic retail brand.

To experience the elegance of Arighi Bianchi's online storefront, visit Arighi Bianchi.

This case study is based on the successful development and deployment of the Arighi Bianchi online store and reflects the situation as of the latest project update.

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