Church Konnect | A Custom Web Application For Churches

Church Konnect


Church Konnect is a custom web application developed for churches management. It connects different branches of a church to main branch. Super user operating from the main branch can manage all of the connected churches. At each sub branch, admin can manage church members, their registrations and activities etc. Admins can also manage events going to be taken at church, event registration, funds collected etc. System also provides a features to use outreach for the members not being seen for long. For each admin, dashboard contains detailed reports and analytics about activities at church, finance and members.

Church Konnect

The Results

Results were pretty good. Application was appreciated a lot by clients, beta users and other stakeholders. Soon after going live, its being planned to convert the application into SAAS so that other churches can sign up for the application and start using it right away.

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