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ZTABS digital solutions, in partnership with a Singaporean firm, developed Repair8pp, an innovative web application designed to streamline the operations of repair service businesses. This custom-coded solution offers a comprehensive suite tailored specifically for the workflows of a repairing lab, with a focus on automation and efficiency.

Project Brief

The client, Communication Mobile Repair Services Singapore, required a robust business management system that could handle the intricacies of their repair operations. The solution needed to:

Integrate Key Processes: From inventory management to employee performance tracking.

Enhance Visibility: Provide instant access to business performance and reports.

Automate Operations: Replace manual processes with a more streamlined, automatic system.

ZTABS' Custom Solution

Recognizing the unique demands of the repair business, ZTABS developed Repair8pp to be:

User-Centric: Intuitive design for ease of use, ensuring that employees can adapt quickly.

Feature-Rich: Equipped with all necessary tools to manage the entire business process within one platform.

Data-Driven: Offering insightful reports and analytics to inform business decisions.

Development Journey

The development of Repair8pp was meticulous and user-focused:

In-Depth Analysis: Working closely with the client to understand every facet of their business and user requirements.

Iterative Development: Employing an agile development methodology, allowing for continuous refinement of the application based on real-world testing.

Quality Assurance: Implementing thorough testing protocols to ensure that the application was robust and reliable.


The initial deployment of Repair8pp has been met with positive outcomes:

Live Testing: Currently being utilized by Communication Mobile Repair Services Singapore, Repair8pp is under live conditions to fine-tune the user experience.

Feedback-Driven Iterations: Continuous improvements are being made based on user feedback to ensure the application fully meets the client's needs.

Expansion Plans: There is an ongoing strategy to extend the reach of Repair8pp to additional customers in the near future.

Next Steps

The partnership between ZTABS and their Singaporean counterpart is actively focused on the growth of Repair8pp:

Enhancing User Experience: Further refinements are being made to ensure the platform is as intuitive and efficient as possible.

Scaling Up: Preparations are underway to expand the user base and adapt the platform for scalability.

Adding Value: Plans to introduce new features and integrations that will add even more value to users and broaden the market appeal.


Repair8pp stands as a testament to ZTABS digital solutions’ capability to deliver custom-coded solutions that are both powerful and user-friendly. The success of the application with its first client paves the way for future rollouts and establishes Repair8pp as a potential market leader in the repair business management space.

Stay tuned for the evolution of Repair8pp as it sets a new standard for operational management in the repairing industry.

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