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Bopp AG, a Swiss enterprise specializing in curtains, visibility, and sun protection solutions, collaborated with ZTABS digital solutions to create a bespoke frame configurator web application. This project was initiated by the son of the business owner, who entrusted ZTABS with his vision for a complex, yet user-friendly configurator that could meet the unique needs of their discerning clientele.


The challenge presented to ZTABS was multifaceted:

Complex Configuration Needs: Crafting a configurable solution for a diverse product line with numerous customization options.

Integrating Secure Payment: Implementing a secure and reliable online payment system within the configurator.

Admin Portal Creation: Developing an admin portal for efficient order processing and business management.

ZTABS’ Custom Solution

To address the requirements, ZTABS devised a comprehensive strategy:

Advanced Frame Configurator: Developed a custom configurator that allows customers to tailor their selections to precise specifications.

Secure Payment Integration: Established a secure payment gateway to ensure safe and seamless transactions.

Admin and Support Dashboard: Created a back-end portal for administrative staff to manage orders and provide customer support effectively.

Development Process

The creation of the frame configurator involved a detailed process:

User Experience Design: Focusing on a seamless user interface that simplifies the customization process.

Secure Payment Architecture: Building a robust payment system to ensure transaction security and customer trust.

Admin Portal Functionality: Enabling comprehensive management features for the administrative team at Bopp AG.


The configurator has been a resounding success:


Customer Approval: The configurator has been highly praised by both the owners and the customers for its ease of use and comprehensive features.

Business Impact: The tool has positively impacted sales and operational efficiency, becoming a valued addition to Bopp AG's customer service.

Strong Partnership: The project has not only resulted in a successful product but has also fostered a close and ongoing relationship between Bopp AG and ZTABS.

Future Collaboration

With the configurator's success, both companies are eager to explore further collaboration:

Continuous Improvement: ZTABS remains committed to refining the configurator based on user feedback and technological advancements.

New Ventures: The strong relationship has set the stage for future projects and ventures that will leverage both companies' strengths.


The custom frame configurator represents a milestone in Bopp AG's digital offerings, and ZTABS has been integral in achieving this innovation. The success of the configurator is a testament to the technical expertise and client-centric approach of ZTABS, underpinning the transformative potential of digital tools in traditional businesses.

Please note that the information presented in this case study is created for illustrative purposes and may not represent actual client experiences or data.

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