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Sweat Rest Next Shopify Store


Sweat Rest Next is a shopify store design and developed by our team. As the store belongs to fitness niche, our team ensured that design and user experience of the store is modern and intuitive. Store operates on a dropshipping model so we went a step ahead and did all the integrations required for a smooth dropshipping business and made store ready to sell. Store has more than 150 products with beautifully design product and shop pages to encourage users to spend time on the site, explore their desired items and leave never without making a purchase. Everything from setting up the store to making it ready to sell and live was all taken care of by our expert staff. 

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Sweat Rest Next A Shopify Store Mobile View

Responsive Design

With growing number of users doing purchases through mobile devices, it has really become mCommerce now instead of eCommerce. To make sure Sweat Rest Next provides great experience to its mobile users, we made sure design of the store is entirely device responsive and provides great experience to users from navigation to checkout. 

Lovely UI/UX

Our team put in its best efforts to make the UI/UX of the store Sweat Rest Next beautiful, modern and a lovely one. We made sure users have a great landing, navigating, searching and buying experience during their visit and stay on the website. From the results and feedback, its quite clear that we were definitely successful in achieving the objective. 

Sweat Rest Next Shopify Store lovely UI

The Results

Sweat Rest Next turned out to be a beautiful result of our efforts. From loading time optimizations to design and user experience, everything was crafted with great care. This all together made this project a success and our efforts and results were really appreciated by the client. All the feedback clients are getting from their visitors is very encouraging as well.