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Contract Crew | A Web App to Connect Crew Members with Employers

Contract Crew | A Web App to Connect Crew Members with Employers


Contract Crew, an innovative online marketplace, serves as a vital link between aviation professionals and potential employers. Recognizing the need for expert development support, the creators of Contract Crew enlisted ZTABS digital solutions midway through the project. ZTABS was tasked with implementing enhancements and customizations to elevate the platform's functionality and user experience.


The primary challenge for ZTABS was to seamlessly integrate into an ongoing project with established goals and partially implemented features. Key challenges included:


Understanding Existing Framework: To effectively enhance the platform, ZTABS needed to thoroughly comprehend the existing codebase and design.

Client Specifications: Meeting the specific, nuanced requirements laid out by the client for updates and customizations.

Seamless Integration: Ensuring that enhancements were compatible with and indistinguishable from the original features.

ZTABS' Strategic Approach

ZTABS adopted a meticulous approach to meet these challenges:

Comprehensive Analysis: Conducting an in-depth review of the current application to identify and understand the areas requiring enhancements.

Collaborative Planning: Working closely with the client to prioritize updates that align with their vision and user needs.

Agile Development: Implementing changes in a structured yet flexible manner, allowing for iterative testing and feedback.


The enhancements to Contract Crew focused on several key aspects:

User Experience (UX) Improvements: Refining the interface and interactions to provide a more intuitive and pleasing user journey.

Functional Upgrades: Integrating new features and optimizing existing ones to increase the platform's overall efficiency and effectiveness.

Customization: Tailoring the application to accommodate specific client requests, ensuring a personalized and unique platform.


Since ZTABS took over the enhancement phase, Contract Crew has observed:

Client Satisfaction: The client has expressed high satisfaction with the upgrades, commending the quality and elegance of the work.

Ongoing Enhancements: With the success of the initial updates, ZTABS continues to work on additional features, maintaining a proactive partnership with the client.

Anticipation for New Features: The promise of upcoming enhancements keeps users engaged and looking forward to the platform's evolution.

Looking Forward

ZTABS is committed to the continuous improvement of Contract Crew, with plans to:

Implement Advanced Features: Introduction of cutting-edge tools and functionalities to streamline the connection process between pilots, crew members, and employers.

Optimize Performance: Continuous monitoring and optimization of the platform to ensure fast, reliable, and smooth operation.

Expand Capabilities: Exploring new modules and integrations that could add value to the Contract Crew marketplace experience.


The collaboration between Contract Crew and ZTABS digital solutions showcases the latter's ability to deliver high-quality development services, even when joining a project at its mid-stage. The successful enhancements to the platform have not only met the client's needs but have also set the stage for a long-term development relationship, promising further innovation and growth for the marketplace.

Explore the enhanced Contract Crew platform at www.contractcrew.com.

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