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Montgomery College  is a public, fully accredited, open admission institution. Led by President DeRionne P. Pollard, Ph.D., MC is dedicated to student success and widely recognized for the quality and scope of its academic programs. We developed custom application for college and we are still working on it in partnership with one of our American Partners. Applications lets the administration to manage all the business processes of college that includes payroll, schedule management etc and also lets visitors/students to search and enroll of different available courses.

Montgomery CollegeMontgomery College

Course Enrollment

Students/visitors can user application to search for different courses and can look for all related details of course. Once they are done with finding desired course, they can enroll for it right away from the application. This is how easy it is.

Payroll Management

Application also lets the administration of college to handle different business process of the application including the payroll. User can generate salaries and roll out the payroll in just few clicks.

ACE PayrollACE Course Management

Course & Schedule Management

Courses management is one of the core business process of any educational institute. Keeping this in mind, we made sure that administration can create and manage courses right from the application and results will go right away to to front end of visitors looking for the courses. Application also lets management to create and manage schedules for courses in just few clicks that is indeed a very complex process for staff,

Other Business Process

We have also coded different other business processes like faculty management, brochures management, TAs management and inventory management etc. Having all these business process coded in the app, it makes the all major processes at college fully automated, very quick and fully reliable.

Montgomery College

The Results

Montgomery college web app has taken away most of the burdens from the shoulders of the staff and have made almost all major process very quick and trouble free. App is being loved by the administration as well visitors looking for courses. New features are being planned as well that are to be integrated in the app in near future.

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