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Organik Village | An Education Website

Organik Village Home Page


Organik Village is a preschool location in USA. Elena, the CEO of the school approached for a modern and state of the art website for her preschool. Our team took the charge and we started brain storming design ideas. We started building the website and had a really great output of our website.  

Organik Village Class
Organik Village Iphone

Responsive Design

Website and design is ensured to be mobile responsive as mobile responsiveness is now most prior thing for any online website or portal. If a website is not device responsive, it automatically looses more than 70% of its audience that are coming through mobile devices or tablets etc. Organik village design was ensured to be device responsive so that its of this preschool can engage with website through any device and website looses non of its audience. 

Beautiful UI/UX

 As the website was firstly of education category and secondly was for a preschool, so design has to be compatible with this. Website should clearly say about type of organization through its design. So our team came up with this amazing design. We ensure that website has really beautiful UI/UX and its appreciated a lot by its audience. 

Organik Village Lovely UI

The Results

Elena, the CEO of the Organik School, really appreciated what our team built for us and her audience and mates had also great words of appreciation for our work. This all makes us really happy. 

Sweat Rest Next | A Shopify Store

Sweat Rest Next Shopify Store


Sweat Rest Next is a shopify store design and developed by our team. As the store belongs to fitness niche, our team ensured that design and user experience of the store is modern and intuitive. Store operates on a dropshipping model so we went a step ahead and did all the integrations required for a smooth dropshipping business and made store ready to sell. Store has more than 150 products with beautifully design product and shop pages to encourage users to spend time on the site, explore their desired items and leave never without making a purchase. Everything from setting up the store to making it ready to sell and live was all taken care of by our expert staff. 

Sweat Rest Next Shopify Store Trending
Sweat Rest Next A Shopify Store Mobile View

Responsive Design

With growing number of users doing purchases through mobile devices, it has really become mCommerce now instead of eCommerce. To make sure Sweat Rest Next provides great experience to its mobile users, we made sure design of the store is entirely device responsive and provides great experience to users from navigation to checkout. 

Lovely UI/UX

Our team put in its best efforts to make the UI/UX of the store Sweat Rest Next beautiful, modern and a lovely one. We made sure users have a great landing, navigating, searching and buying experience during their visit and stay on the website. From the results and feedback, its quite clear that we were definitely successful in achieving the objective. 

Sweat Rest Next Shopify Store lovely UI

The Results

Sweat Rest Next turned out to be a beautiful result of our efforts. From loading time optimizations to design and user experience, everything was crafted with great care. This all together made this project a success and our efforts and results were really appreciated by the client. All the feedback clients are getting from their visitors is very encouraging as well. 

Lady Fitness Gear | An E-commerce Store

LFG Home


We designed and developed this beautiful ecommerce store called Lady Fitness Gear that is a ladies fitness store which ensures High Quality products at affordable prices. We made sure that store is intuitive, modern and easy to user for its visitors and at the administration end, it is easy enough and detailed enough for store owners.  

LFG Home
LFG Beautiful UX

Beautiful UX/UI

We made sure that Lady fitness gear ecommerce store is modern, attractive and appealing to eyes. At the same time however, we wanted to ensure that it is intuitive and easy enough to use for its audience, who are not too technically savvy.

We went with a soft and warm feel that is both welcoming and friendly, while making sure that the functionality was front & center.

Easy Shopping Experience

We made sure that shopping experience for store audience is fast and easy yet amazing one. Users can easily navigate to or search for their desired products and pick any combination of colors, sizes in few clicks. Adding to cart and payment follows right away and order is placed. This is how easy it is. 

LFG Buying Experience
LFG Customer Portal

Customer Portal

To make sure, customers have great experience on Lady Fitness Gear, guest mode shopping and shopping was not enough. So account creation module was added for store visitors. Each store visitor can create his/her account and they can manage their orders and account right from their portal. 

Intuitive Admin Portal 

For administors and customer support, Lady fitness gear store has modern and intuitive admin panel. From admin panel, customer accounts, sale order, inventory, promotion and any thing that comes handy in managing ecommerce store can be manage easily in moments. 
Administration panel also contains analytics dashboard and reporting section that gives quick and detailed snapshot of business to owners at single glance. 

LFG Admin Product List

The Results 

Lady Fitness Gear is being highly praised by the target audience and they are making good number of sales in a very small span of time. Efforts of team ZTABS regarding the store design and user experience are being highly appreciated by store owners. We wish best of luck to Lady Fitness Gear team. 

Direct Espana | An E-commerce Store

Direct Espana

Client Overview

Direct Espana, a Denmark-based e-commerce enterprise, offers specialized water systems and irrigation solutions. Seeking to enhance their online presence, they required expertise in e-commerce optimization to address performance and design concerns for their online storefront.


The project aimed to overhaul the Direct Espana store, updating it to the latest framework for performance, incorporating a modern design, and ensuring a user-friendly experience. The challenges included:

Framework Upgradation: Transitioning the store to the most current e-commerce framework without disrupting existing operations.

Design Overhaul: Crafting a modern, clean design that aligns with the contemporary market while remaining true to the brand's ethos.

User Experience Enhancement: Improving navigability and interactivity to provide a seamless shopping experience.

Performance and Security: Addressing any existing performance bottlenecks and reinforcing the store's security measures.


ZTABS Digital Solutions approached these challenges with a multi-faceted strategy, focusing on:

Framework Update: Migrating the store to a state-of-the-art e-commerce framework to improve scalability and performance.

Design Innovation: Reimagining the store's aesthetic to be stylish and contemporary while ensuring the interface remained intuitive.

User Experience Focus: Streamlining the user journey to reduce friction and enhance engagement throughout the shopping process.

Performance Optimization: Implementing technical enhancements to ensure quick loading times and a smooth browsing experience.

Security Strengthening: Fortifying the e-commerce platform against potential threats to ensure customer data protection and trust.


The transformation of Direct Espana's e-commerce store was met with exceptional feedback:

Store Relaunch Success: The store's new look and improved functionality resonated well with the client and their customers.

Owner's Endorsement: The store owner expressed high satisfaction with the updated design and performance, indicating a significant enhancement in quality.

Repeat Engagement: Pleased with the outcome, the client has engaged ZTABS Digital Solutions for further collaboration on another store within their portfolio.


The comprehensive upgrade and redesign executed by ZTABS Digital Solutions have propelled Direct Espana to the forefront of modern e-commerce within their industry. The project serves as a testament to ZTABS Digital Solutions' proficiency in delivering sophisticated e-commerce solutions that encompass performance, aesthetics, and user experience.

As the partnership continues to grow, ZTABS Digital Solutions is poised to replicate this success story with the client's next venture.

This case study serves as an illustrative example of the services and outcomes delivered by ZTABS Digital Solutions and is based on the project's completion records and client feedback.

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