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Redmonster World

Redmonster World

Client Overview

Redmonster World, an established online store, engaged ZTABS Digital Solutions and their partner, 8vocom, to undertake a comprehensive revamp of their digital storefront. The store, while popular and experiencing high visitor traffic, was suffering from an outdated framework that frequently collapsed under the strain.


The central challenges of the Redmonster World project were to:

Framework Revitalization: Replace the existing e-commerce framework with a more robust and scalable solution.

Design Overhaul: Modernize the visual appeal of the store to match the quality of user experience with the elegance of the brand.

Odoo Integration: Implement a seamless two-way synchronization between Odoo and the store for product listings, sales, and inventory management.

Responsive Design: Ensure that the store delivers a consistently excellent user experience across various devices.


The ZTABS Digital Solutions team, in collaboration with 8vocom, developed a comprehensive strategy to address these challenges:

Framework Upgrade: Transitioned the store to a cutting-edge e-commerce framework designed for high traffic and scalability.

Design Refinement: Crafted a new, modern, and elegant design language for the store that elevates the shopping experience.

Odoo Synchronization: Integrated Odoo ERP for efficient and accurate two-way data syncing, enhancing operational efficiency.

Cross-Device Compatibility: Focused on responsive design principles to ensure the store performs flawlessly on desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.


The project was executed with a keen eye on quality and detail:

Technical Overhaul: The core e-commerce framework was reconstructed to improve stability and performance.

Aesthetic Transformation: The store received a visual makeover to reflect a more contemporary and user-friendly interface.

Odoo Connectivity: Established robust integration protocols to ensure seamless communication between the e-commerce platform and Odoo.

Responsive Testing: Rigorous testing was conducted to guarantee the store's optimal functionality on all screen sizes and devices.


The rejuvenation of Redmonster World led to immediate and tangible benefits:

Enhanced Performance: The new framework provided the necessary support for high traffic, resulting in minimal downtime.

Conversion Rate Increase: The store's conversion rates improved significantly following the redesign and user experience enhancements.

Client Satisfaction: The client expressed great satisfaction with the seamless Odoo integration and the refreshed aesthetic of the store.

Broad Approval: The positive reception of the revamped store extended to customers in Singapore and the team at ZTABS, marking the project as a resounding success.


The transformation of Redmonster World by ZTABS Digital Solutions and 8vocom exemplifies the profound impact of technological and design expertise in revitalizing an online store. The project not only enhanced the site's performance and user experience but also solidified the client's position in the e-commerce market.

The successful revamp of Redmonster World stands as a beacon of ZTABS Digital Solutions' commitment to delivering exceptional e-commerce solutions and underscores their capability to navigate complex integrations and design demands.

This case study is crafted to highlight the project's achievements and the client's satisfaction post-implementation.

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