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What is full-stack web development?



Full stack development refers to the front-end and back-end elements of the web application. A full-stack developer can deal with the website’s client and server sides. The full-stack developer manages all the elements related to the database, backend, frontend, and debugging. 

A Full Stack Developer is a jack of all trades. The full stack developers help in different stages of web development. The overall web development maintenance is managed by a full-stack developer only, not a front-end or back-end developer. 


What does a Full-Stack Developer do?

To perform their duties efficiently, full-stack developer needs to have a deep knowledge of web development skills, including coding, graphic designing, databases, and UI/UX management. A full-stack developer can assist at every level of the web development process.

A Full Stack Developer is responsible for the following tasks:

  • Helps with the development of software
  • Helps with the design of the software
  • Testing software for optimization 
  • Writing the code for front-end software development
  • Writing clean code for back-end software development
  • Creating user interactions on web application software
  • Creation of servers for the back-end software
  • Testing design of web applications
  • Maintenance of responsive designs of web applications
  • Designing new features for the web
  • Developing APIs services
  • Development of RESTful services
  • Checking and implementing technological advancements for software optimization 
  • Maintaining security and scalability while developing the web application

When Is a Full-Stack Developer Needed?

A full-stack developer’s need depends on the scalability and size of the software. If your website is small, you may need one full-stack developer only. In the case of a large and complex website, you may need front-end, back-end, and full-stack developers to design the website and maintain it properly. A full-stack developer is needed to assist the front-end and back-end developers in their work. 

What should be the education and experience to become a Full-Stack Developer?

Full Stack Developers have high critical thinking abilities and are active learners. There are a certain set of criteria for hiring Full Stack Developers. Employers usually rely on certain education and experience to hire Full Stack Developers.

  • Education

A Full Stack Developer must have a degree in Computer Programming, Software Engineering, Software Programming, Computer Science, or related fields. At least you should have a bachelor’s degree in the mentioned field; if you have a high degree, like a master’s or Ph.D., your chances of getting a job increase automatically. 

Another plus point is the extra training or workshops a candidate has taken as a Full Stack Developer to polish one’s skills. The more certifications and training you have, the better your chances of securing a job.

  • Work Experience

Well-established companies look for experienced employees. Fresh graduates are not more likely to secure a better job because big companies often look for experienced individuals who have worked in the field for some time. Some companies may require a full-stack developer with experience working with HTML, JavaScript, or maybe CSS, etc. there can be different criteria for different positions. It entirely depends on the employer and what kind of candidate they are looking for. 

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