What is Web Design?

Web design refers to creating and maintaining websites for users. It includes interface designing, graphic designing, mobile application designing, and website designing. 

Web designers select the perfect font, theme, and buttons to make the interface attractive. They design the website according to the client’s requirements. 

Web Design vs. Web Development

Some people interrelate the terms web design and web development. However, both terms are different. The responsibilities of web designers and web developers are also different from each other. Let’s study the key differences and similarities for the critical analysis.


Web DesigningWeb Development
DefinitionWeb designing refers to the designing and maintaining the layout, visual appearance, themes and usability of a website.Web development means developing a website. It includes tasks involved in developing and maintaining the core structure and functionality of the website.
Roles and ResponsibilitiesA web designer is responsible for designing a website interface, visual structure and appearance.A web developer is responsible for the performance of various features of a website.
Programming LanguagesJavaScript, Java, HTML and CSS are commonly used in web designing.Python, Ruby, PHP and Java are commonly used in web development.
Technical knowledgeWeb designers need less technical knowledge about programming. However, they need to be creative while designing a website.Web developers need more technical knowledge about programming languages and technical aspects of websites to maintain the core structure.
TypesWeb designers usually have three types: UI, UX and visual designers.Three types of web developers include Front end web developers, Back end web developers andFull stack web developers.
SkillsWeb designers need editing software like Adobe Photoshop, WordPress and CMS. They also use coding libraries.Web developers need advanced programming skills. They must have a good grip on programming languages, including java, python and ruby, for programming and coding.


Web designers and web developers work closely with each other. Both of them need technical knowledge to execute the ideas. However, the level of technical expertise of a web designer and web developer can differ.

Companies that must ensure their online presence need web designers and developers. Sometimes, a single person performs the web designer and developer tasks. Some companies also hire a team that performs all the duties interchangeably. 

Well, web designers and developers should have enough problem-solving skills to ensure the smooth functionality of websites. They need to keep themselves updated about the trends to execute innovative ideas. 

Key Takeaways

We can integrate the work of web developers and designers to some extent. Instead of several similarities, the technical roles of web designers and web developers do not lie on the same level. Companies need both of them to pursue the functionality of their websites.

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