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Why do people fail in e-commerce?

According to Huff Post, Forbes, and many other sources, 90% of new online businesses fail at the very start or within four months. The reasons behind this failure can be multiple but weak performance in online marketing combined with a general inability of the business owners in search engine visibility.

Are you planning to start your online business? Your mind must have many questions regarding business model, customer base, niche products, shopping carts, online sales, etc., in your mind. r Research proved that almost 85% of eCommerce businesses fail, and only 20% of them stay. There is no problem to worry about. We are here to help you carve reasons for failure. You can simply avoid these mistakes to run a successful eCommerce business.

There are several reasons for eCommerce fail like:

Wrong Products

The major reason for a website’s failure is product failure. If you are selling something, which top brands already sell at a lower price, then that product is for someone else. You must choose the products wisely after proper research to avoid seeing the products fail.

Expensive Products

People want the best products at a reasonable price. None would like to buy expensive products from a startup eCommerce website. The price range needs to be competitive and may be lower than others to build people’s trust.

No Marketing Plan

 Your products may be amazing at a reasonable price with an attractive website design, but there needs to be more traffic on your website. The reason can be “No Marketing.” How do you expect people to know about your website if you don’t plan to advertise your website and your products properly?


If your website doesn’t rank on Google, then there is no point in crying over the failed business. SEO is an important aspect of online work to ensure that people can find you on the initial pages of Google.

Dull Website Design

If your website design is dull and unattractive, people will feel less encouraged to buy something from you. Using colors and contrasts is important to keep the customer entertained and happy.

Bad Quality Content

If your website includes only pictures with details about the products, their usage, comparison, and videos, people will only accept buying from your eCommerce store.

High Shipping Cost

Some people leave the cart when they see the shipping charges. Sometimes, the shipping charges are more than the product itself. Therefore, you should relax your customers by providing free shopping if they buy products of any specific amount.

No Urgency

The options like “How many people are viewing” and “the total number of pieces left” make the people purchase the product on the spot. They don’t keep it in the loop to check another time for buying it.

No Sales or Promotions

People get overly joyed and excited to see the word “SALE.” It is better to put items on your website on sale, so people can get them before the sale ends.

Bad Photography

Your product may be amazing, but if the photos uploaded on the website are of bad quality, you cannot expect them to be sold. It is suggested to upload the best quality pictures so that customers can easily zoom in to see if it works for them or not.

Inventory Management

If you update your inventory, you might stay within certain products, and eventually, you won’t be able to deliver them to the customers. You should organize your inventory based on your business mode to provide all sorts of items to your customers at the right time.

No Return Policy

Some eCommerce websites have a return policy, but they don’t mention it clearly on their websites, which leads to fewer customers. You should properly mention your refund, exchange policy, and terms and conditions, so people can easily get their desired products without fear or risk.

Weak Customer Support

There are a lot of questions that customers need to ask you. If they don’t get their queries answered instantly, they may lose interest in buying any product from your website.

Lack of Patience

E-Commerce is a game of patience. It takes time to organize and manage your store and get huge traffic properly. You cannot lose patience in the first week of starting your business.


Many e-commerce businesses fail because they focus on only some above-given ideas. If you focus on these things, your business is more likely to prosper in a short time.

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