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Magna Care


Magnacare, a retail store, recognized the need to modernize its online presence to better align with contemporary design trends and appeal to its audience. The owner approached our team for a comprehensive redesign of the store’s website, with an emphasis on aesthetics and user experience.


Modern Design: To revamp the website with a design that is both modern and visually appealing to Magnacare's target audience.

Enhanced UI/UX: To develop a state-of-the-art user interface and user experience, ensuring ease of navigation and a pleasant shopping experience.

Content Revamp: To overhaul the website's content to harmonize with the new design, ensuring that product presentations and information are engaging and effective.


Our team at ZTABS Digital Solutions embraced a multi-faceted approach:

Design Innovation: We initiated the project by crafting a modern, attractive design concept that reflects the unique identity of Magnacare.

UI/UX Focus: Dedicated efforts were made to enhance the website’s user interface and experience, prioritizing ease of use and intuitive navigation.

Content Overhaul: We undertook a thorough revamp of the website's content, aligning it with the new design to ensure a cohesive and engaging user experience.


The transformation of Magnacare's online store was met with resounding approval:

Visually Appealing Website: The redesigned website was greatly admired by both the store owner and its audience for its modern, attractive aesthetic.

Enhanced User Engagement: Early feedback indicated an increase in user engagement and satisfaction with the website's new look and feel.

Positive Owner Feedback: The store owner expressed high satisfaction with the redesign, noting its alignment with Magnacare's brand and appeal to the target audience.


The successful redesign of Magnacare’s website illustrates our ability to deliver holistic digital solutions that resonate with clients and their audiences. This project highlights our expertise in creating visually striking and user-friendly online retail spaces, reinforcing our commitment to excellence in digital retail solutions.