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Challenges in eCommerce

Behind all the conveniences offered by e-commerce, a few side effects can be a real problem for some people. If you do not know how to deal with them, you will lose many customers and even more money. So you should have to manage these challenges before starting your online business.


Online Identity Verification

When someone visits an eCommerce store and signs up to buy some product, you need to be sure that he is a legit person. Sometimes fake people or bots can also purchase via eCommerce, leading to loss, especially cash on delivery purchases. 

  • Solution

It is important to take proper measures to check whether the person signing up is legit or not. With the purchases using COD service, the service provider can call the customer to confirm the order first, along with the delivery address to verify. 

Omnichannel Customer Experience

A customer can contact you via any medium like Facebook, Email, Phone number, or other social accounts. Therefore, eCommerce retailers need to provide an omnichannel experience to their customers by providing the same contact information through all social media platforms.

  • Solution

It is essential to develop an omnichannel strategy by considering customer needs. The key channels should be identified keeping in view the preferences of customers. Then, those channels should be integrated into your official website. 

Outshining your Competitors

Ecommerce is quite competitive as the success of any business depends on different parameters like service, cost, operations, quality, etc. it is essential to create and maintain a good customer base to stay in line.

  • Solution

To stay in the competition, you should research other similar sellers to see their strategy and website traffic. It is also suggested to initiate promotional offers to attract customers. 

Check Buying Patterns

With the changing times, the behavior and pattern of buying products are changing. Customers have their own specific needs to purchase particular products online. An eCommerce business needs to see and analyze customer needs and buying patterns.

  • Solution

You can offer your products on eBay, Amazon, or other eCommerce websites with massive traffic. When people try your product, they will directly visit your site to buy it. 

Easy Checkout Process

The customer leaves the cart if the checkout process is lengthy and full of bugs. Ecommerce business providers must focus on making the checkout process easy for customer retention. 

  • Solution

You should work towards removing the bugs and forming a creative and easy-to-use checkout process without any lengthy forms. The new users should be given the option to check out even without creating an account.

Maintain Customer Loyalty

No business can flourish without customer loyalty. Maintaining customers in any business is essential. Communication could be more interactive in eCommerce stores. But this can be solved through proper time and effort. 

  • Solution

Your customer services need to be effective and quick. However, you need to create good content to retain customer retention. The address, contact numbers, and details should be provided on the official page.

Product Return and Refund Policy

One of the most irritating problems of online shopping is the return and refund policy. Hassle-free return retailers have been liked by customers a lot. At the same time, any product return ends up losing the business. 

  • Solution

Your policies should be mentioned clearly, so all the customers can easily see them. A simple step-wise process should be mentioned in plain English. The return rules should also be mentioned so that everyone cannot apply for a refund. 


Consistency is an essential element in doing any business. Customers prefer checking various platforms before buying a product. Therefore, you should post on every present channel to show your presence.

  • Solution

Ecommerce businesses can optimize their online work to provide different options to the customers to check and get feedback. 

Price and Shipping Competition

Price difference affects the eCommerce business a lot. If a customer is getting the same product from any other store at a low price, then the customer would prefer that instead of buying a costly product. 

  • Solution 

The first thing is to maintain your quality and get reviews from your customers. The customer will trust the reviews and good quality products despite any price differences from competitors. Moreover, you can also choose unique products that the customer cannot easily find anywhere else. 

Data Security

Security issues are important for all eCommerce businesses. Hackers can hack the system to get your customers’ content details, addresses, and card details. Some common security issues are DDOS, DOS, Spamming, and malware. Security should be strict and properly managed to avoid any worst-case scenario of professional hacking.

  • Solution

It is better to manage your servers instead of taking help from some external entity. And also employ cyber security experts to handle all such intricate issues. Moreover, the details of online passwords should be changed frequently to avoid any such security loss. 

Getting Potential Customers

Customers have plenty of options to choose from. If customers have many options, it is hard to be sure they would pick you only. Customers like to do some research before buying anything online. 

  • Solution

It is suggested to partner with those companies who help in targeting the customers. Traditional marketing is not in trend, and people are moving towards digital marketing now to get to the target customers. 

Customer Experience

Customer experience is an essential part of the eCommerce business. Customers expect a level of smoothness and flow while shopping online. All the products should be arranged appropriately and placed in their respective category to provide ease to the customer.

  • Solution

It is suggested to design a simple and clean website, so customers can easily navigate and choose the products they need. Everything should be placed in its respective slot, which will automatically help people in buying their favorite products. 

Choosing Right Partners for eCommerce Issues

This choice can make or break your business easily. Your chosen agency or technology partner says much about your current and future success. Good technology is the base of a successful eCommerce business, so it should not be ignored. 

  • Solution

The right technology partner should be chosen. Before choosing any technology partner for the eCommerce business, thorough research should be done. Technology experts use data science and image recognition for better customer and eCommerce experience. 

Cross Border Experience 

Some eCommerce websites only deal with a specific geographical area and region and provide information in only one language, making it hard for a larger audience to read and shop. The difference in tax, price, and shipping across borders is time-consuming and costly for shoppers.

  • Solution

eCommerce businesses need to use a multilingual website that can be translated into different languages per the customer’s choice. There should also be an option for converting currency, using technology to help customers buy different products easily. 

Marketing Budgets

Marketing is essential for any kind of business. Digital marketing is in trend due to its flexibility. With a few clicks, people get to know about your business and quickly check your products.

  • Solution

Your business marketing needs social media and digital ads to reach a larger audience. You can also hire a professional social media manager for marketing purposes. 

Key Takeaways

The eCommerce industry also has its problems and challenges. Therefore, you need to understand them and find ways to overcome those challenges. The first and foremost step to solving any problem is highlighting and understanding it. 

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