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An Introduction to DevOps

An Introduction to DevOps

What exactly is Dev Ops?

DevOps is a process and culture that helps and promotes the faster deployment of code to the production in an automated way through better collaboration between development and operations teams. Clear from its name; it’s a combination of words Dev and Ops.

DevOps helps the organizations to serve their customers faster and better by continuously and rapidly delivering software applications and service to the customers.

In simple words, DevOps is a way of better communication and collaboration with IT operations team and development to serve customers better.

Why do we need DevOps?

Before DevOps, Testing and Deployment used to be isolated activities from actual design and development. Development and IT operations team used to work in isolation resulting in extra time consumption in build cycle delaying the actual deployment of software application code to the production. So actual build cycles used to take more time.

Manual code deployments also could lead to human errors. This can result in a break of code/application in the production.Due to lack of proper collaboration, coding and operations team can have different timelines results in unwanted delays in release and build cycles.

There is and been always a demand by the client to ensure the faster and quality deployments and releases. As per Forrester Consultant Study, only 17% of the team can use delivery software fast enough. This proves the pain point that DevOps needs to address.

How is DevOps different from Traditional Processes

Let’s compare the traditional waterfall model with the DevOps and see how DevOps helps.

Let’s assume our application has to go live in 2weeks of time, and the code is 80% complete. Our web application is a Fresh launch, and the process to buy servers to make the shipment just started.



After placing an order for new servers, then the Development team operates on analysis and testing. The Operations team works on paperwork as needed in businesses to set up the infrastructure. After order placement, Dev and Operations work together on the paperwork. This results in better visibility of the infrastructure.
Projection about data redundancy, failover, data storage requirements, data center location, etc. are distorted as there is no input from the developers having the core knowledge of the application Projection about data redundancy, failover, and storage requirements, etc. are very clear and accurate because of proper input from developers.
The operations team has no idea of what’s going on with the development. They create a monetary plan based on their understanding The operations team has a very clear understanding of Everything because of proper collaboration. Operations team communicate with developers and together develop a monitoring plan to address IT and business needs. Advance Application Performance Monitoring (APM) tools can be used as well
Before going live, load testing fails the web application and release is delayed Before going love, load testing slows down the applications. Dev team fixes the bottlenecks. Release is rolled out on time

Why do we use DevOps?

DevOps allows the agile development team to do Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment results in faster releases and shipments to production.

Other reasons are:

  1. Reproducibility: Everything is versioned so that any version can be restored if needed.
  2. Predictability: With DevOps, the failure rate of new releases drops significantly.
  3. Maintainability: Easy and quick process recovery in case of crashes.
  4. Better Quality: DevOps helps the team to provide a better quality of application development as it incorporates infrastructure issues.
  5. Release Times: DevOps reduces shipments times up to 50% due to streamlined software delivery.
  6. Reduced Risks: DevOps helps in reduction of the defects across the lifecycle as it incorporates security aspects in the software delivery lifecycle.
  7. Resiliency: As a result of DevOps, the operational state of software becomes more resilient and stable, and all changes are auditable.
  8. Cost Efficiency: DevOps helps in cost efficiency and save management lots of money that are off course management one of the topmost priorities.
  9. Breaks code base in smaller chunks: DevOps is based on the agile programming method. Therefore, it allows breaking large codebases into smaller and manageable chunks.

When to choose DevOps?

DevOps must be adopted in case of large distributed applications with a large number of expected releases and complex development. Cloud-based SAAS applications can be an example.

When not to use Dev Ops?

DevOps should not be adopted in case of highly secure and mission-critical application likes banks and security systems. Such a system needs strict control over production and detailed policies from the management end.

DevOps Life Cycle

DevOps Lifecycle

DevOps is a deep integration and collaboration between Development and Operations. Here is how DevOps lifecycle works

  • DevelopmentIn DevOps, software development goes on continuously. The entire development process is divided into small development cycles. This helps DevOps teams to speed up software development and delivery process.
  • TestingQA teams remain busy to ensure the code quality.
  • IntegrationIn this phase, a new feature is added to the existing codebase. Integration is tested, and quality is ensured. Continuous development can only be possible through continuous integration and testing.
  • DeploymentIn this process, deployment takes place. Tested code and features are integrated and shipped to the production in such a way that it does not affect the working of exiting the software.
  • MonitoringIn this phase, operation monitors the new integration and will take care of inappropriate system behavior or bugs because of the new release.

This all makes up one DevOps cycle. It is always tried to increase the number of cycles and speed up the completion of the cycle to ensure continuous development and deployment.

DevOps Workflow

Workflows give us an overview of the steps and sequence in which input is provided, actions are performed and then comes the output for an operational process

DevOps Workflow

Workflows help teams to separate, prioritize, and arrange the jobs requested by the users. It also helps in order to mirror their ideal process in jobs configurations.

How is DevOps different from Agile?

Here are the stakeholders and communication chain in a typical IT process

Software Process StakeHolders Chain

Agile address the gaps in the communication between customer and development

Agile Stakeholders Chain

While DevOps addresses the gaps in communication between development and Operations

DevOps Stakeholders Chain



Focuses on gaps and barriers between developers and management Focuses on communication process between Development and Operations
About customer and customer requirements About software deployment and operations
Focuses on functional and non-functional readiness of software Focuses on operation readiness of software
Pertains to how development goes on in a company Pertains to how quality deployment and reliability is ensured.
Focus on small sprints. The timetable is much smaller and selected features are done in that period Goes for consolidated benchmarks deadlines and with major releases

Dev Ops Principles

DevOps focuses on the following six principles

  1. DevOps goes for Customer-Centric Approach, and the entire process is following keeping End User in mind.
  2. It asks for End to End responsibility. DevOps team must provide continuous performance support to ensure software reliability and quality.
  3. DevOps ensure Continuous Improvement through continuous development and integration cycles.
  4. Automation is the core of DevOps. It’s not only for the software but for the entire infrastructure.
  5. Designer, tester, developer and everyone else must Work as One Team in DevOps. Their roles are defined, and they must work as a single team with proper collaboration.
  6. DevOps teams must Monitor and Test Everything continuously to ensure up times and software reliability.

What are a DevOps Engineer and his roles?

DevOps Engineer is an It professional who works with the development team, operation team, and production IT staff to administer code releases. DevOps engineer should have hard as well as soft skills to communicate and collaborate throughout the chain properly.

DevOps requires frequent increment changes to code version that means frequent deployment and testing. Though DevOps engineers don’t have to code much, they must have a good understanding of code and coding languages.

DevOps Certifications

Following DevOps, certifications can help someone who wants to choose to be a DevOps Engineer as Career.

DevOps Automation Tools

Automation is the core of the DevOps process. It is essential to automate all the deployment and testing processes and configure them properly to achieve speed and agility.

The challenges face in DevOps automated can be categorized in the following six categories.

  • Infrastructure
  • Configuration
  • Deployment
  • Log Management
  • Performance Management
  • Monitoring.

Following tools can help in addressing the pain points in the above six categories.

  • Amazon Web Services AWS can help in Infrastructure management. It can scale on Demand, there are no hardware upfront costs, and more servers can be provisioned easily based on traffic.
  • Chef can be used to ease out the complex tasks and perform Configuration Management. Using its configuration made to one place can be replicated to thousand of other servers avoid tons of extra work
  • Jenkins helps in continuous integration and testing, making the Deployment process quick and automated.
  • Splunk can be used for Log Management. It helps in aggregating, storing, and analyzing all logs in one place.
  • App Dynamic help in realtime Performance Monitoring enables developers to find out where the issues have occurred.
  • Nagios can ensure proper Monitoring. It can notify people instantly if infrastructure and related services go down

Future of DevOps

In the current rapid development paradigm, organizational processes flow, and technical needs are changing in weeks and month rather than years. We will soon be witnessing software companies adopting the DevOps process rapidly. DevOps engineers will be the ones with the most control in enterprises over the end-users. It is going to become most-valued skills for an IT professional. A survey conducted by Linux hiring found that 25% of respondent’s job seeker is DevOps expertise. DevOps and continuous delivery are here to stay, but its mainstreaming could take a few years.

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10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Chatbot?

10 reasons why your business needs a chatbot

Are you a company or business owner? Does your business actually need chatbots?At the current times, we can easily observe how companies are desperate to develop and use chatbots!

The reply to this above-raised question is based upon the company you owe and how crazily you’re droved by technology and innovation. These days, the challenging competition makes it compulsory for every single business to embrace the technology that is innovative. Its crucial for companies to capture unique tendency that is enough to catch profit tremendously and keep a successful business for a long term.

Well, bots have become an imperative part of nearly every company- if we talk about providing anytime 24/7 service, or boosting human resource productivity , chatbots reveal a legitimate reason to be added as part of customer service process. Not only that, but it also enhances branding with less customer oriented efforts.

Today The Chatbot Trend

At the exact first entry of chatbot, folks were interested and worried about the effect of the technology and the way it’s likely to influence the future of business and company. Many manufacturers are already using chatbot to experience progress and advantages from it. Failure to embrace this technology in your company can direct you to lag behind the aggressively competitive world. Therefore, it’s time to grab up innovative technology when possible.

Inside this blog let us talk about the very best reasons why your company needs chatbot developed for it.

1. Chat bots will provide automated customer support

    For any market type, should you take in consideration the consumer base, there are a number of essential questions which users generally inquire. And for these particular query, the same particular answers are needed to be replied every time the client makes the similar question. Well, for these functions, chatbot is your very best engaging method to answer these common questions.

2. Chat bots will save your human resources for other productivity tasks.  

    Chatbots may be utilised to help consumers or users with a particular task/inquiry, every time they want. And as chatbots don’t become tired or exhausted, hence may be utilized to give customer support around the clock. In other words, the individual resources could be freed from these repetitive tasks and ought to be used towards more effective business activities. This may save the price of customer care.

3. Chats bots can help in improving your brand

The contest is actually becoming high, and clients become likely toward a remedy that doesn’t call for much trouble and in precisely the exact same time provides an infinite solution. In a nutshell, they are searching for the more qualitative answer at minimal work. Together with chatbots, hitting prospective clients is simple by providing required information despite the time or day. Bots are somewhat less prone to mistakes, therefore, the greater client encounter can help establish a better brand.

4. Chat bots are cheaper cost wise.

Among the wonderful benefits of chatbot is it takes less development price compared to complete application development. Well, making a investment into an excellent opportunity such as chatbot is worth since it could provide a much better experience to your clients.

5. Chats bots help you leverage edge of being early adapter

    In addition, embracing chatbots, it is possible to lure tech savvy clients and this may further boost their devotion towards your company. For example; if your company is first to embrace new technologies, it’s more opportunity to owe success. More company will continue to tie-up with chatbots from the subsequent year and probably it will eventually become mainstream application.

6. Chat bots will improve operational throughput of your business. 

    Chatbots aren’t bound by constraints, such as the way humans are. For example; human representatives are capable of managing limited discussions, whereas chatbots work past that limitation. Implementing chatbot solutions to business complement human task force, fostering the efficacy and reducing cost and effort. And that helps you to get into new markets.

7. Chat bots provide better use interaction

 Chatbots offer better interaction with customers. As long as business is considered, robots would be the ideal instrument for keeping customers on particular platform for longer time engage them by initiating and keeping up the conversation. Chatbots shows particular information at one moment, but the interaction becomes improved with the user based inputs resulting in a better interaction experience, improving consumer’s trust.

8. Chat bots are easy to use

Users adhere to chatbots since it permits easy communication. The easy interface makes it more comfortable to the consumers. This will increase sales and will engage clients better to adhere to your business.

9. Development of a Chat bot take less than of an app

The development time necessitates in developing a fully operational smart chatbot doesn’t consume more time in comparison with app development, unless and until you don’t wish to create something that’s actually out-of-the-box. Time is just one of the vital variables from the company perspective. The first you may complete your development, the first you can implement strategies and promotion campaigns for company.

10. Chat bots are time efficient and cost effective

As soon as you get visitors to your site, with the correct and friendly use of chatbot, engaging traffic becomes simple and fast. This is actually an additional assistance/help to convert prospective traffic to customers. And, just figure out the cash spent on client support labour, here your company can save time and money that may have been employed in advertisements.

Wrap Up

        In this highly competitive tech market, where the client is constantly on the search for the more personalized solution, it’s actually hard to fulfil the requirement of consumers. Users and clients are becoming smarter and will probably remain with the solution that’s qualitative and in precisely the exactly equal easy to use. Within this situation, chatbots comes as a simple solution to fulfil the requirement of the customer base. If you have a business, acquiring a chatbot can truly help achieve thicker client base supplying quality service and support.

Need a chat bot developed for your business ? Contact us today and we will take care of it 🙂 

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6 Things to Consider When Creating An eCommerce Website

6 things to consider when building an eCommerce website

Creating an effective e-commerce website is not as simple as it seems.

In any project, there are a large number of aspects to think about, from consumer experience to functionality. Development of any business site is a large scale, complicated procedure, however an eCommerce website presents its own particular challenges.

Since users will  be visiting the website to find out about and buy goods, programmers and owners will need to do whatever they can to make this procedure simple and intuitive.

But alongside the factors of usability, here are a few other aspects of an e-Commerce website that programmers will want to Be Certain to consider throughout the development procedure:


Today more and more internet users are using their mobile devices to do online purchases. Statistics for eCommerce for 2018 showed that about 67% of the sales were made through mobile devices. So its rapidly moving from eCommerce to mobile commerce. This is means its more than important and a survival issue to make sure your eCommerce website is device and have a great experience on each and every available device like Ipads and mobile phones along with personal computers.

Disregard of the platform you are using, you have make sure your website provide great experience to mobile users from landing to search a product and then finally doing a complete checkout.

This growing market cannot be ignored and while designing and developing an eCommerce website, device responsiveness should be your utmost priority. You are never going to compromise on Responsive Design for your eCommerce Website.


Businesses with eCommerce websites will frequently wish to require consumers to make an account so as to create a purchase, because this permits for follow-up communicating that promotes future earnings, in addition to tracking clients’ demographic info to examine earnings. But it is important to know that not everyone wishes to experience the process of creating an account just to be able to purchase an item. Repeat clients might want to enroll and find the advantages of having an account, like saving their choices for prospective purchases and getting notifications about upcoming products, but it is nonetheless a fantastic idea to supply an alternative for those that only wish to do a one-time purchase.

Pro tip: As you will still need to attempt and encourage users to make an account, you may attempt to design the purchase process to permit users to finish a guest checkout, and upon completion, let them make an account with all the data that they simply entered.


A study revealed that about 30% of the users landing at a website use search functionality of the site to search for products, compare and then finally make a purchase, so it is really important of an eCommerce website to have an easy to site search functionality. Users are definitely going to use this to search for products on your website. Using an autocomplete box and suggesting users text is really great thing to do. It will make search really easy for users.

Another thing to do is provide search through filters features to users. Using this feature, user can easily filter out the products they are looking for based on size, priced, department and manufacturer etc. More you make it easy for users to search their desired product on your site, more likely you are to get that user buy from you.

Pro tip: Make sure you keep and write product information in fully organized manner. It will allow search feature to return best results.


Each and every eCommerce website out their must ensure that they are using SSL. SSL certificate is something that will ensure data of the users going to the internet is encrypted and safe and its not going to be hacked and used by the bad guys out there.

Browsers these days will clearly notify users if you don’t have SSL that using this site to enter credit card and other sensitive is dangerous and you are definitely going to loose customers visiting your website.

Customers always want to be ensured that each and everything information they entered on the website including their emails and addressed is secured and in safe hands. You have to make users feel comfortable in giving you their credit card info to make them buy from you.

Pro tip: It might seem favorite to you to keep your customers credit card info saved to make sales process easier for users but this is very risky. You have to be PCI Complaint for this and that is a pretty complex process. Along with that, you have to keep the burden of ensuring no one hacks the database on your shoulders. There are many vendors out there that will take this burden away from you like Stripe, Paypal etc. Use their integrations on your site to charge customers cards and you will be on the safe end.


If your website is slow, you are very likely to lose clients. Statistics reveal that 40 percent of consumers will abandon a web site that takes over 3 seconds to load. This is particularly true for mobile users, that are frequently multi-tasking as they get sites and therefore are more inclined to proceed to something else in case a website is too slow.

To be able to prevent from losing clients because of slow loading times, you will need to be certain that your website is optimized to operate as rapidly as possible. Listed below are a Couple of ways to help Your Website run more smoothly:

  • Combining a website’s JavaScript or CSS source files into individual files will accelerate their interaction with the website, because users may simply download one JavaScript document or style sheet instead of ten or five.
  •  Compress pictures, that will let them supply the best visuals in the lowest possible dimensions, reducing download times.

Want us help with that ? Drop a message here and we will optimize your website. 


eCommerce statistics for 2018 revealed that 4 out of each 10 sales are made through an online search. You have to make sure that you loose the potential of getting customers and sales through online searches as well. Along with ensuring you are visible to all the prominent search engines, you have to use Search Engine Optimization to make sure that you rank well for different keywords and you are likely to found by customer earlier than others when are making online searches.

Are there some User Experience (UX) problems negatively impacting your website?  Our team can help you. Drop a message here and we will take care of your website.

Maintaining these elements of an eCommerce website in your mind during development can allow you to be certain you’re providing the best experience for the clients, however there are a lot more elements to look at when creating your website. You will want to be certain that you are looking for Search Engine Optimization (search engine optimization) and maintaining your product information organized, in addition to considering the best way to target your products to various users. Do you want help after getting some idea about how to start creating your eCommerce website?

Our team can help you. Drop a message here and we will connect with you asap. 

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How to build an eCommerce website, A step by step guide

how to start an online store

As stated by the U.S. Small Business Administration, online businesses are growing considerably faster than conventional physical shops.

It does makes sense to your right ?

Local retail stores, DIY craft manufacturers, as well as bloggers are beginning to market their product and services on the internet.

Among other items, a plan and a superb site can considerably contribute to the overall achievement for business owners. Without those, you might be placing your eCommerce website up for failure by constructing an eCommerce site that’s less than successful. If you would like to understand how to make an online store that is effective, our eCommerce website guide is the best source for you. Figure out the best approach to produce an eCommerce website by checking out this article that is a step by step guide on how to build an eCommerce website.

Your Guide to building a Successful Online Store or E-Commerce Website

First come first things, you’re going to require a product to market to figure before it’s possible to begin with your e-commerce store development. As soon as you’ve your merchandise, you should begin making your online store front and designing your eCommerce website! Let us take you through the whole guide, just follow along steps below:

  • Deciding your product

If you have been planning of selling online, you must have some product in mind that you would like to sell online. Whether it is something that you create yourself, a handmade furniture or handicraft or you found a source of whole sale products that you can sell at some profit, every ecommerce store will have to be started with a product.

If you don’t have any product in mind, you can think about it and do a little research to find out what you would like to sell. If you have already a product in mind or set of products, you can do some market research to check if your product is viable or not and if it has some market out there or not.

If there is a market out there, you have to figure out if your product is unique enough to get in and make some good sales. What will differentiate you from others and what special or unique point are you selling.

Finalize a product or develop a MVP and you are good to get started.

  • Setting your pricing

Pricing may be one of the hardest aspects to get right when running a new online store.

If you price too low, you’ll be either in loss or will be hard for you to break even too– which will not make the time and effort that you put into your online store worthwhile. If you price too high, you won’t earn sufficient sales and still risk losing money on the whole endeavor.

To determine which pricing which produces the sense you have to determine your business’ financing . This includes:

  •     The cost of stuff to make your product
  •     hosting to your eCommerce website
  •     taxation
  •     shipping
  •     the percentage credit cards or Paypal will deduct
  •     additional marketing and advertising costs

Then work out how much you desire to put in on top to pay yourself (and make a profit!) .

You may have to increase your prices a bit (oh happy day!) , or you may need to lower them in order to remain competitive.

  • Determining Shipping options and costs

If you are selling a physical product, how are you going to send it to clients?

Your can chose to pass on the entire cost of transport to the customer, and lots of online shops do take this route. However, it is very important to know that shipping costs may have a powerful psychological effect on customers, together with 44% stating they have abandoned an online purchase due to high shipping and handing costs.

Instead, consider offering among these alternative transport methods:

Give free shipping to your customer, best option infact from customer’s point of view

Provide free shipping but cover that cost in your product price

Provide free shipping for orders of a certain size

Provide a flat shipping fee

  • Finding an affordable and amazing Web Hosting

In regards to eCommerce, you’ve got two choices: use a market that currently is similar to Etsy or Amazon, or even constructing an eCommerce site and brand that is all your own.

If you’d like a site and brand that is all your own, lots of web hosting programs (like HostGator, site ground or godaddy) make it simple to locate compatible eCommerce site hosting options which you are able to work with under precisely the exact same name you use already or would like to use to market your products or brand. This way it is possible to direct folks to You appear to be a genuine, live online shop!

They take good care of ensuring that the method is instinctive for both you and your clients, so that you may just concentrate on selling.

  • Finalizing Domain name and brand

Here is the interesting part for company owners! Only think, what will clients be telling their buddies when they spoke about that magnificent new product they just purchased from _____?

Brainstorm words and phrases which say something about the merchandise that you’ll be selling words and phrases that mean something to you. And make sure you steer clear of names that have been copyrighted by other companies. Follow these top tips for picking a domain name to your eCommerce site .

  • Getting your ecommerce website build

Many hosting programs may make at least this aspect of all the steps easier by supplying  a eCommerce website builder that you’re able to work with instead of needing to create a web site from scratch.

At this phase, you will also have to work on writing content or sales/marketing copy that explains your merchandise and helps convince website visitors to purchase.

As soon as you install your website, you need to do more than simply add your merchandise.

A Landing/Home page where you include promotions, offers and purchase items

An About page using a brief description of what you can do

A Contact or customer support page so clients can quickly reach you

A Blog where you post updates, business news, and helpful tidbits

Besides these pages, you’ll also need to think about your site’s title, eCommerce plugin choices, Google Analytics, and the rest of the practical elements which will help create your own online system.

Don’t want to get in this hassle, contact us here and will develop for you an amazing eCommerce website.

  • Getting  Merchant account

Online shops require a means to obtain cash — especially, a means to get credit card payments. A merchant accounts does the essential job of making sure you can get paid and compensated.

You’ve got choices which vary from large, recognizable brand names such as Stripe and PayPal, to firms more focused on small companies like BluePay and PaySimple. You’ll need to pay a little fee to the business so as to receive your cash, but the capability to take the money your clients send will create the fees worth it.

  • Setting up a SSL Certificate

When you make your own website, make certain to set up a SSL certificate. These certifications offer the green lock you visit next to URLs if you are shopping online, plus they maintain your clients’ personal data secure.

If clients will hand you their personal payment info (or more correctly, input it into a form in your site ), you have to be certain that the sensitive information will remain secure. An SSL certification to your site encrypts all of the sensitive data clients supply so that hackers will not have the ability to catch that credit card info because it is delivered over the internet.

  • Get started with selling

Now it is time to get started earning money.

When you start your online shop, you ought to begin considering advertising. Content promotion, social networking, and paid advertising are areas worth looking in to begin bringing visitors to your site. You may contact us here and we will handle promotion and advertising for your business.

If you are not really prepared to make that amount of investment into your online shop, begin with conservative word of mouth. Speak with your buddies about it, say it to pro acquaintances, and also deliver this up at any events across town inclined to attract the type of individuals interested in what you are selling.

Final Words

Brick and mortar company will always be accessible, but the web gives users access to a bigger choice of merchandise and services.

As soon as you’ve learned how to prepare an eCommerce site to your eCommerce company, have a minute to pat yourself on your trunk. You are an entrepreneur today. Then return to work!

Are you prepared to get started selling online? At ZTABS, we can do all the above steps for you and get your eCommerce website developed and ready to sell in no time for any niche. Begin your own eCommerce site today. Contact us here and lets get started.

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