E-monitoring Web Application for DC Abbottabad

E-Monitoring System


District Administration asked us to help them to build their Complain Management System which will we deployed on each service point in the district to quickly resolve the complains and process applications. In this application each service point had separate access level and a different view to the data and an integrated view was given to the DCO for monitoring the situation . In this project we got to see the working of the government body very closely and we designed our application to make these processes efficient now our system is being used by District . While developing the system, ease of use and beautiful UI were our top most priorities as the system is also going to be used by general public. We made sure that system is beautiful, interactive yet easy enough to be used by audience without any training or help.

E-Monitoring System

The Results

This project is being appreciated alot by the district government and its being used only in one district as a pilot project. Soon we are looking forward to expand it to other districts as well.

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