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Best E-commerce Platforms

Do you want to start your business from scratch? Well, e-commerce platforms could be an amazing option for any entrepreneur. There are various options, but we have put together the best eCommerce platforms for you.

Minor differences in features, prices, and theme options can be game-changers for any business. So, let’s critically analyze the necessary details of each platform to find the one that best fits your requirements.

Which E-commerce Platform is Best?

Our readers mostly like BigCommerce due to its attractive features and easy-to-use interface. However, some people are obsessed with Shopify for online business.

Each eCommerce platform mentioned below is best in its own unique way. Minor differences in features, prices, and integration options can bring a particular eCommerce platform to your priority list. Study this guide for further keen analysis.



Shopify has been one of the top-ranked e-commerce platforms for the past few years. Shopify has maintained its top ranking in 2022 as well. One of the key reasons for its popularity is its easy-to-use interface. 

The seamless integration of Shopify with other social media platforms makes it the first choice of many beginners. Integration options allow users to advertise their products on social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram.


Shopify offers three monthly plans. The details of all three segments are as follows:

  • Basic Shopify: 29$
  • Shopify: 79$
  • Advanced Shopify: 299$

Users can get more advanced features and benefits on packages with higher prices. Basic Shopify is perfect for beginners who seek limited sales.


Woocommerce offers many customizable options for its users. It gives you complete independence to set up your online store upon your requirements. 

WooCommerce is also a free and quick plug-in for WordPress. WooCommerce keeps updating the new features and themes for its users. Also, Its customizable options make things flexible for the users. Its integration with different plug-ins makes it a good choice for eCommerce experts.


The basic plan of wooCommerce is free for users. However, users have to pay 60$ for the premium features.


Wix has amazingly improved its interface and features in the past few years. Hence, it made its position in top-ranked eCommerce platforms. Wix also shows a customer support option on the main page to help its users.

Wix provides an easy-to-use interface. The drag-and-drop option for videos and photos is also an attractive element for new users.  

Wait, what could be more interesting than 72 free themes? So, beginners can quickly get everything ready, which is good to do. 


Wix has three types of the monthly plan described below:

  • Business basic: 27$
  • Business unlimited 32$
  • Business VIP: 59$

Users can start with the basic one and move towards more professional plans to expand their online businesses.


BigCommerce is one of the emerging eCommerce platforms. Its user-friendly interface makes it the first choice for beginners. Beginners usually need to undergo simple training steps to start a business through Bigcommerce.

BigCommerce is rich in features and provides multiple leading templates to build an online store. A 14-day free trial is also attractive to test things. More pricing details are as follows:


  • Basic plan: 29.95$
  • Plus: 79.95$
  • Pro:299.95$

The above plans are monthly basis pricing plans. You can choose one according to your requirements and budget.


Magento has lost its market share in the last few years. However, some people are still obsessed with its unique features. It provides many customizable options to its users. The customization gives the flexibility to mold things which is the preference of many users.

Well, it also allows its users to access the analytics through different tools. All these things are slightly technical and complicated for an ordinary person.


The program itself costs nothing. However, you have to pay for the things like domain names, extensions, tools, themes, and hosting. Magento’sMagento’s average theme cost is 30$. So, the monthly cost depends upon your business, sales volume, and additional features and tools.


Squarespace is an all-in-one package for many entrepreneurs. It has all those features anyone could look for to start and grow an online business. Squarespace is rich in features that attract and sustain the audience.

An easy-to-use interface is a dominating characteristic of this platform. Its designs and themes also inspire the users. It’s overall an excellent and attractive option for online business.


Squarespace offers four different monthly plans that include the following:

  • Personal plan: 23$
  • Business plan: 33$
  • Basic commerce plan: 36$
  • Advanced commerce plan: 65$

However, if you pay annually, you can get the following monthly plans:

  • Personal plan: 16$
  • Business plan: 23$
  • Basic commerce plan: 27$
  • Advanced commerce plan: 49$


Volusion has also made its place in top-ranked eCommerce platforms. It gives ease to design your website and pursue your online business seamlessly. Its reporting features are crucial to running a successful online business.

Volusion provides the functionality that will help you to create an attractive website. Its custom domain, content editor, themes, and other features let you pursue the business effectively. 


Volusion offers four monthly pricing plans for its users.

  • Personal: 29$
  • Professional: 79$
  • Business: 299$
  • Prime: Custom

You can get a 10% discount if you pay annually for any of the above monthly plans. 

Square Online

Most people know Square Online as Weebly. However, Weebly and Square Online are two different platforms now. Square Online is known for its user-friendly interface and attractive features.

The dashboard of Square Online is quite comprehensive. It displays all you need to find out on the interface. Built-in tools make it a decent option among eCommerce platforms.


Square Online offers a free basic plan, and the other three monthly plans are the following:


PlansMonthly billingAnnual Billing


If you want to introduce your brand in an online market, Zyro could be a viable option. Zyro is free from complexities, and an ordinary user can easily understand its format and algorithm. 

Zyro’s beginner-friendly features make it the first choice of many people. However, this platform is only feasible to obtain limited sales. Hence you can’t get an excellent profit ratio from monthly sales. It is a primary reason for its affordable monthly plans.


Zyro offers very affordable monthly plans starting from 2.90$. Following are the details of Zyro’s monthly plans:

  • Basic plan: 2.90$
  • Unleashed: 3.90$
  • E-commerce: 9.90$
  • E-commerce plus: 14.90$

Big Cartel

Big Cartel is perfect for creative-minded website designers. It offers many customizable options, including customizable themes and templates. Its functionality is also interesting as it provides many marketing tools.

It limits the users to upload just five images of a product. Payment plans are according to the number of products a user can sell. Limited integration and payment options make it less attractive for some entrepreneurs. However, some users successfully operate their small online businesses on Big Cartel.


Big Cartel has a free plan for beginners and small business owners. Users can also test this platform by selling up to five products for free.

Gold plan: free; 5 products

Platinum plan: 9.99$; 50 products

Diamond Plan: 19.99$; 500 products


Shopwired is one of the emerging eCommerce platforms. Its features and functionality can stand out in the eCommerce market. Shopwired offers similar but competitive features set against other eCommerce platforms.

Well, its functions are also attractive for B2B eCommerce experts. They can use bulk product discounts to order inventory. In addition, user-friendly functions make it a good option as an eCommerce platform.


All plans are available with 14 days free trial. Following are the pricing details of each monthly plan:

  • Pro: 29.95£
  • Advanced: 69.95£
  • Premium: 129.95£
  • ShopWired Enterprise: 199.95£


PrestaShop is one of the open-source eCommerce platforms. It is an affordable option for starting an eCommerce business. 

You may need some technical knowledge to run a business successfully on PrestaShop. It doesn’t have any built-in integration option. However, you can control the privacy and security settings to some extent. 


PrestaShop offers a free plan which is entirely free to download and use without any monthly fee.


3DCart is a comprehensive eCommerce platform. 3D cart is also known as Shift4Shop. It has some most demanding features like marketing and integration features. It allows its users to sell unlimited products. 

3DCart enables users to sell physical and digital products. Users can access the necessary selling option on cell phones as well. Integration with Facebook, google shopping, eBay, and Amazon make it a comprehensive platform. However, some 3Dcart still need some exciting features.


3DCart provides the following monthly pricing plans:

  • Mini: 19.99$
  • Starter: 35.99$
  • Professional: 65.99$
  • Professional plus: 99.99$
  • Power plan:129.99$


Weebly is a well-known eCommerce platform. Users can access it through mobile phone applications on android and iOS. Weebly’sWeebly’s free plan is available with limited features. However, its paid plans come with many exciting options.

Its marketing automation feature is incredible. The marketing automation feature is only available in the paid plans. The paid plans are also affordable. So, users can run an online business cost-effectively.


A free plan is available for users. The rest of the pricing plans are as follows:

  • Connect: 5$
  • Pro: 12$
  • Business: 25$
  • Business Plus: 38$


Ecwid offers a free plan that comes with good selling options. However, paid plans have more attractive features. Paid users can access others through mobile phone applications. It also provides good integration options.

Besides all the benefits, Ecwid’s features and functionality could be more powerful. The major drawback is some limitations in design and templates.


Ecwid offers three monthly pricing plans besides the free one.

  • Venture: 15$
  • Business: 35$
  • Unlimited: 99$

Key Takeaways

Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce are actual competitors of each other. Each platform has a loyal user community. However, each platform mentioned above adds value to the online business market. 

Shopify is our top pick due to its combination of features and integration options. Readers can choose a platform by considering the pricing, convenience, and business requirements. 

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