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Khabarnamaa | A News Website



In this age timely information is very necessary and most of the online portals fail to deliver this quality. They are too complex for a naive internet users. Our client wanted us to design a news portal that will be highly understandable, simple, clean, modern and elegant place to read all their news . Making another news portal showing list of news was not tough for us at all. The real challenge was actually making sure that UI/UX is modern, interactive yet very easily understandable with ridiculously easy navigation. We achieved the purpose after putting in honest efforts and developed and designed a  state of the art, SEO friendly, modern, elegant yet very easily navigable news portal called Khabarnamaa.   


The Results

With our design and SEO efforts, Khabarnamaa hit good number of daily visitors very soon and they are increasing day by day. Our efforts are being highly appreciated by store owners and we are looking forward to do new ventures soon.