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Invoice Quickly | A Custom Built Invoicing Solution

IQ Dashboard


Small business and self employed people have to send invoices and estimates to their customers frequently and they need a better and automated way of management their payments, receivables and refunds.  We custom built an invoicing software for such small businesses and self employed personals. It is fast , secure and easy to use. Using our app, users can spend less time on accounting and
more in productive work.
Invoice quickly currently supports following features with many more coming in future.

  • Sending Invoices 
  • Sending Estimates
  • Online Payments
  • Payment Refunds
  • Payment Reminders
  • Email Templates
IQ Create Invoice

It is very crucial for small business owners and freelancers to save their time to maximum and invest it to make their business grow and thrive. We created Invoice Quickly to let such people create professional invoices with ease. They can easily select from  your already saved customers,products and services which helps them creating invoices in less then a minute.
Invoice Quickly lets its users create professional Invoices in seconds and get paid faster by sending email reminders to their clients . Invoice Quickly helps business owners grow and take control of their business.

To land more projects and to grab more customers, it is very important for business owners and freelancers to send quotes and estimates to their customer or leads. Now with Invoice Quickly they can easily create professional estimates. They can easily select from  your already saved customers,products and services which helps them create estimates almost instantly.
Invoice Quickly also lets it users to easily track their estimates and update them any time if needed.

IQ Create Estimate
IQ Online Payments

Accepting payments is the most crucial part of the business when it comes to small business owners and self employed ones.
With Invoice quickly, users can accept payments instantly through paypal and credit card. They just have to send an invoice through email or link to customers and customers can send them payment right away in few clicks. 

Email Templates

We know that each business is different and each freelancer style of working is different as well. We are aware of the need that when business are sending emails to their customers, they need to customize emails as per their needs. 
Invoice Quickly provides this complete functionality to its users. With Invoice Quickly, users can easily customize/alter email templates to any format and enjoy the full taste of localized and customized emails. 

IQ Email Templates
IQ Online Refunds

Online Refunds

Where we expect things to go always right in business, sometimes mishaps occur. In business, users sometimes have to refund their customer because of some dispute or a return or may be as a credit note.
Invoice Quickly this too very efficiently for its users and lets them refund their customer and send them credit notes in just few clicks. 

Making custom reports to figure out how your business is performing can be a tiresome and overwhelming task, but with Invoice Quickly users can instantly see how is their business is performing right on their dashboard. It quickly gives all the key figures about your business so you can see how you can improve your business further. Along with dashboard, their is a reporting section as well with more detailed and enhanced reports. 

IQ Reports

The Results

Invoice quickly is being likened and appreciated a lot by its users and is being adapter by more and more businesses and freelancers on daily basis.  A list of new features have already been planned for the next roll-out as we continue to monitor, tweak and iterate on this amazing invoicing platform that has changed the way the financial aspect of business are handled by small business and freelancers.